Deluxe Chevy AC Special!
Includes a Chevy procedure to record and measure the a/c cold air interior duct temperatures and system ... [More] pressure readings before and after. Evacuate the system and record the amount of recovered refrigerant in the system. Recharge the a/c system with the specified amount of R134 refrigerant. Additional specified amount of refrigerant oil with a leak tracer dye added to the a/c system that helps to identify any potential system leaks. A visual inspection of the a/c system to include the condition of the a/c compressor drive belt, a/c condenser cooling fan. Remove and inspect the vehicle interior cabin air filter (if applicable). A MIST Service In-Car Air Quality procedure that introduces a chemical mist agent into the cabin of the vehicle that sanitizes and interior vents and interior surfaces of the vehicle ($82.00 value) that is included in this special. The $160.00 fee for this service will include up to 2.0 lbs. R134 refrigerant, the refrigerant oil and the labor involved. It does not include any additional a/c refrigerant if required due to system capacity and does not include the old/outdated R12 type refrigerant. Restrictions may apply on the cabin air filter inspection due to location and accessibilty of the vehicles cabin filter. It also does not include any diagnostic time for a faulty/ non operable a/c system. Valid only with 1st time customers. Not valid with any other offer or special. Coupon must be presented in advance. ... [Hide]
License Frame Special!
Bring your vehicle in with our Monkey Wrenches License Plate, and receive 10% off of labor. Valid only ... [More] with 1st time customers. Not valid with any other offer or special. Coupon must be presented in advance. ... [Hide]
Receive $20 Off our Air Condition Inspection Service with this coupon! This service includes pressure ... [More] testing the a/c system, checking and recording interior vent temp, check for possible refrigerant leaks, visually inspect drive belts & a/c system hoses. This service Include up to 2.0 lbs R 134a refrigerant and up to 2.0 oz. refrigerant oil with refrigerant leak dye if required. This service is valued at $224.95. Hybrid type vehicles are extra. This coupon does not apply to vehicles equipped with the new R1234yf type refrigerant. Not valid with any other offer or special. Coupon must be presented in advance. ... [Hide]

Chevy Repair and Service

When you bought a Chevy you expected a car that is tough and that can last for years right here in America where it was made. Having the right Chevy repair work done, at a high standard, can maintain your Chevy for years longer than you’d expect. Many people in Brentwood come to us at Monkey Wrenches, Inc. for the high quality Chevy repair services that they need.

Our insistence on using only the best Chevy replacement parts has helped propel us to the forefront of the minds of all those in the Brentwood Chevy community. Monkey Wrenches, Inc. wants to do repairs for you that last, you can’t do that with inferior parts! We source our parts locally for prompt delivery and to support our local economy.

Having the best Chevy replacement parts is all well and good, but what about those who are installing them? Our technicians at Monkey Wrenches, Inc. are ASE certified, well trained and very experienced. These are the guys that you saw out wrenching on their Chevy in their driveway when they first started driving around the streets of Brentwood. You can’t get experience like theirs out of a box or find it online, and Monkey Wrenches, Inc. is proud to have them on the team doing your Chevy repairs.

If you have any Chevy repair, maintenance or servicing needs in Brentwood or the surrounding areas, call the support staff at Monkey Wrenches, Inc. They’re ready to help book you the appointment that sees you and your Chevy back on the roads soon!

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