30K Service

At Monkey Wrenches, Inc. we love seeing cars for their entire life. Many of our customers in Brentwood do just that, this allows us to get a great feel for their car and to do all of their major services, starting with the 30K service. The 30K service is the first major appointment that you should make for your car, neglecting it can put your car in danger of irreparable damage.

Why does a car have to come in for a 30K service when it is working fine and all other services have been done? Because the 30K service looks specifically at vital components that have been wearing down over the last 30,000 miles. The components that must be looked at differ as Toyota, Chevy, Dodge, Nissan, BMW, Ford, Jeep and Lexus all have different needs at the 30K service. An experienced technician knows to realize at this and be sure that your car is serviced the way it needs to be.

Most cars will share certain similarities at the 30K service. The most basic services undertaken at our shop in Brentwood include:

- A transmission check that involves a draining, flushing and replacement of the fluids.

- A filter replacement and then testing for any leaks in the system.

- A cooling system check that involves a draining, flushing and replacement of the fluids with the correct mixture of water and coolant.

- A pressurized test of the system will be done to check for leaks.

- Tuning up your car is a general term which can mean an emissions test, computer diagnostic check, spark plug replacement and wiring check.

All other systems will benefit from a look over as well. The technicians at Monkey Wrenches are prepared to properly perform a 30K service on your car. Come by or call our shop in Brentwood today!

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