Does Turning On Your Car Heater Help with Engine Overheating?

Wondering if turning on your car heater really helps to stop the car from overheating? According to automotive experts, the answer is yes — at least temporarily.


How Turning On Your Car Heater Helps Combat Overheating

When you're driving down the road and your car shows signs of overheating, experts say turning on the heater can help. The reason is that when the heater is running inside of the car; it pulls heat away from the engine.


The engine can begin cooling as it disperses heat into the passenger compartment. If this trick doesn't work, or if your vehicle is constantly overheating, bring your vehicle into our shop. 


Why Is My Engine Overheating?

After the vehicle cools down and you're in a safe location, the next question to ask yourself is what caused the car to overheat in the first place?

The cause of engine overheating can be because of a wide range of factors. Some issues that cause overheating are simple and easy to fix.

Others are more complex and require a diagnostic for professional service.

Can you remember what was happening in the vehicle right before it started to overheat? Is this the first time the car has overheated?

The cause of your car overheating may be as simple as not having enough coolant.


Other more serious causes of overheating include - broken water hoses, a cracked radiator, damaged belts, and a wide variety of other repair-related issues.


Contact The Overheating Experts in Brentwood, CA

If the cause of your engine overheating is more complex than missing coolant, take your car to our certified auto repair shop for service. Engine overheating can cause long-term or permanent damage to your vehicle if left unchecked. Our mechanics can diagnose your vehicle, tell you why it's overheating, and help you fix it. They can also help by providing parts and service for your vehicle. Taking the time to address the overheating issue is the best way to get safely back on the road.


If you need engine repair, don't hesitate to give Monkey Wrenches a call today!

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