Safety Tips For Traveling With Your Pets This Summer

Summer provides an excellent season to travel and explore the outdoors. If you own a Fido, you might want to bring them along on your vacation or trip so that they can also enjoy a fun time away from home. Your pet is not your typical passenger, and it is critical to ensure that they're safe on the road. If it's your first time traveling with your furry friend, then read on to get valuable insights into how you can ensure their safety and security.

Invest in a Travel Crate or Carrier

Safety and ventilation are critical when you want to provide your pet with the best travel experience. Therefore, visit the pet supply sop with your Fido and find a suitable crate that fits them perfectly. The secret to using a travel crate is to purchase it months in advance so that your pet gets accustomed to it. If you surprise him, it might shock him due to the abrupt change in his everyday lifestyle.

Ensure You Drive with the Windows Shut

It's critical to roll up the windows when traveling with a pet. Dogs love sticking their heads out of the window to enjoy the breeze and let their tongues loose, but there are risks to it. They can get struck by debris or objects. The chances of the dog getting thrown out of the window during a collision, hard turns, or emergency braking is high. That brings us to the next tip…

Ensure the Pet is Restrained

Having your dog jumping and hopping in the car as you drive can be dangerous. Therefore, ensure you restrained during the ride. The reason for that is to avoid distraction because the dog is scared or excited. Airbags only work when the passenger is settled in the seat, and it might not save your dog when he's all over. Place him in a carrier and secure it on the back seat with a safety belt.

If your vehicle needs to be repaired or serviced before your next trip, don't hesitate to give us a call today!

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