Top Gas-Saving Methods

In the wake of current events in the world, we're sure you're feeling the weight of it at the gas pump. The national record for unleaded gasoline has soared high. While ditching our cars may sound good, it's not logical for some of us who need to drive to work or take our children to school. Instead, we can alleviate some of the pain by implementing fuel-saving techniques into our lifestyle. Here are several tips that can save you some money and fuel!

#1 - Get Rid of Unnecessary Weight

Your car is not an everyday storage unit. If you have heavy items like heavy sports equipment, tools, or more, it's best to leave them in your home storage. A lighter car will require less energy to accelerate and brake, making your fuel consumption go down.

#2 - Quit Harsh Acceleration and Braking

It should come as no surprise that aggressive driving leads to increased fuel consumption. Instead, go for subtle movements, and you'll notice a change in your mileage. 

#3 - Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

Proper psi is necessary to maximize every drop of gasoline in your tank. It also guarantees your tires will wear evenly and minimize the likelihood of tire damage and blowouts.

#4 - Stop Idling

We get that you may like to have the AC/Heat hot when you're waiting in the drive-thru line or highway traffic, but idling consumes a substantial amount of gas. Instead, it's better to restart your car than it is to idle for long periods.

#5 - Stay on Top of Car Maintenance

The most important (and often neglected) piece to optimizing your fuel mileage is to stay on top of your vehicle's maintenance. Regular oil changes, spark plugs replacements, filter changes, and more can ensure your car runs efficiently. So work smarter, not harder, by getting your vehicle maintenance done on time.


If your car has been consuming more gas than usual, it may be due to an underlying problem. We invite you to Monkey Wrenches for an inspection to help you get the most of your gas. Please call or visit our auto repair shop in Brentwood, CA, today!

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