Top Signs of Worn Shocks and Struts

Most people don’t give their shocks and struts any thought, and others might not even know what those things are. If you care about your safety, then you should periodically check on your suspension system. Otherwise, the quality, comfort, and safety of your ride can be compromised.

What Are Shocks & Struts? 

Struts have a coil spring attached on the outside and other things in a singular unit, and shock an independent spring on its own. They are both intended to absorb road impacts to ensure a smooth and stable ride. Every vehicle’s suspension system has a shock or strut at every wheel. Depending on your vehicle, you can even have a mix of both.

Even though these components are made to last a long time, they don’t live forever. When they age, they will affect your vehicle’s overall performance. Here are the top signs that your shocks and struts need service:

  • Uneven Tire Wear - While premature tire wear can be attributed to many things, it can indicate worn shocks and struts. Excess wear on the inside or outside of your tires means that the car is bouncing and not gripping the road properly. 
  • Poor Brake Performance - You heard that right! A suspension problem can spread and hurt your brake system. If it takes longer for your car to stop, don’t overlook your shocks and struts. They can cause your car to dip a certain way when braking and accelerating too.
  • Bad Steering - When your shocks and struts are giving out, they don’t do well on turns. Your vehicle may sway dramatically in one direction on turns. Additionally, it can affect your steering components such as stiffening up your steering wheel.
  • Car Vibrations - If your car is constantly shaky, and small bumps on the road send you flying, it is time to check on your shocks and struts. 

Shocks and struts generally need to be replaced every 50,000, give or take. If you experience any of the signs above, please do not hesitate to reach out to the auto repair specialists at Monkey Wrenches. Your safety is our priority

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