What are the Different Types of Tire Wear?

One of the biggest mistakes made by drivers is not inspecting their tires often enough. Tire wear is usually a telltale sign that your vehicle's tires are out of balance or that the suspension is unbalanced or worn. So anytime you see unusual tire wear, make sure to immediately give both the tires and suspension an intensive check to determine what is causing the trouble.

Most drivers focus on center wear or cupping when they need to know the specific condition of their tires. If you notice a slow, gradual reduction in the tire's ability to grip the road as you drive, this is a very important indicator that the tire wear is uneven and possibly signs of a problem with the suspension system of your car.

Also, tires with cracks most likely need to be replaced. Cracks usually appear when the sidewall of the tire has been stressed extensively. This causes the sidewall to break and the tire becomes prone to splitting apart. This also means that the tire is nearing the end of its life cycle and can no longer handle properly. Some cars actually come with an indicator that informs you when the tires are beginning to crack.

Additionally, The tire's sidewall is made up of steel ribs that have an outer edge that forms a lip around the tire. Over time, these steel ribs will corrode and become weak, which allows the metal to abrade the surface of the tire and reduce the tire's contact with the road. As this happens, more of the tire that is in contact with the road is allowed to deform. This will cause the tire to wear faster and result in the decreased grip on the road and a lack of function.

In addition, your car's suspension system can also contribute to the poor condition of your tire. Certain types of car suspensions are designed to work in conjunction with the alignment of the wheels and the tires, but poorly designed or broken suspensions can damage both the wheel and the tire. If your suspension is not up to standards, this can lead to tire wear that is uneven and can even lead to the axle becoming misaligned.

If you need assistance with tires, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!

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