What Are the Different Types of Transmission Services?

The transmission, sometimes known as a gearbox, is the component in your car that transfers power from the motor to the wheels. With such an essential role in your vehicle, the transmission also requires regular check-ups and services to perform optimally. It can also wear down over time, and it'll signal warnings as a result: warning lights, fluid leaks, burning carpet smell. If you experience any of these indications, we highly recommend you take your vehicle to Monkey Wrenches ASAP. 


Your mechanic can do three different types of operations to your transmission: repair, replacement, and rebuild.

Transmission Repair

A transmission repair is the most economical option of the three services. Repairs are to fix minor mishaps with the transmission. This type of procedure includes repairing specific components, various mods, and resealing. Transmission repairs do not involve the reassembly of the entire system. Our expert team will assess the severity of your transmission damages when you take it in, and if it is not that bad, we'll patch things up with a repair.

Transmission Replacement

A transmission replacement is more expensive than a transmission repair, and it is ideal for transmissions with severe impairment. The service entails taking out the damaged part and adding a completely new or remanufactured transmission. 

Transmission Rebuild

A transmission rebuild is the most suitable plan for defective transmissions that have some working parts. During this type of job, the entire transmission is removed, and we only exchange the malfunctioning parts. Afterward, the transmission is pieced together and put back into the vehicle. 


Any transmission work is intricate, complex, and time-consuming, which is why you should always leave it to the pros to do the job. Otherwise, you could add more damages or get injured in the process if you don't know what you are doing.


Monkey Wrenches present clients with valuable and reliable transmission repair assistance. Our team of certified professionals specializes in providing repairs for various types of transmissions, including automatic, semi-automatic, and manual models. Give us a call at (925) 304-1291 or a visit soon!

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