What are the Symptoms of a Bad Starter?

The starter on your vehicle is so important and makes every drive happen. The starter is attached to the back of the motor and is essential to your motor starting. The entire process of your car starting all begins and relies on the starter. If you are ever having issues with your starter and it begins to wear down or even break it will directly affect your ability to drive your vehicle.

Starters in vehicles can go out or become worse and that's not what's ever wanted. Luckily there are some symptoms that you can look for when you may be headed towards having a bad starter. These are some warning signs you can be watching for that may indicate your starter is going bad or beginning to fail on you.

  1. Sporadic starting issues: If you have sporadic starting issues it could be caused by wires that are loose or dirty. This can lead to your car not starting or starting irregularly.
  2. Your engine won't turn over: This is a common indicator that you may see. If you do not hear an engine sound or if you hear a loud clanking noise, you know there is an issue with the starter. Most likely this is because of the motor burning out or having an electrical issue that is caused by the starter.
  3. Your starter works but it doesn't spin the motor: You may be able to turn the ignition switch and hear it as well as the starter but you won't hear the motor crank. When you have an issue with the starter that is mechanical it will cause this to happen.
  4. Dimming lights inside when starting your vehicle: If there is a short circuit in the wiring for the starter motor it will pull extra current away from other systems in your vehicle. If you should see this, it could be early signs of a bad starter.

When you begin to see signs of a bad starter you want to take care of it immediately. If you need your starter repaired, give our auto repair shop a call today!

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