What Can My Exhaust Smoke Reveal About My Engine?

Your vehicle's exhaust may be able to tell you that your engine is in serious trouble. If you think about it, you should rarely ever see your exhaust. You might see steam on a cold morning or at night from time to time, but the exhaust is usually never seen. If you begin to see a ton of exhaust smoke spilling out of your tailpipe, then it's most likely a sign of trouble. Please make sure you note the color of the exhaust as it can help your trusted mechanic diagnose the issue:

Black Exhaust

If your tailpipe releases dark clouds of exhaust smoke, your engine is burning too much fuel. In rare cases, it can even lead to a fire. It's essential to pull over right away if your engine releases a lot of black exhaust, especially if the smoke is coming out of the hood too. You can trust the expert team at Monkey Wrenches Inc. to locate and repair the problem for you.

Blue Exhaust

If your exhaust smoke is blue or grayish, it's vital to stop driving your automobile. Blue exhaust smoke signifies an oil leak, and you are at risk of damaging your engine gasket and engine overheating. The blue exhaust means that the oil is burned with the air and fuel sitting in the combustion chamber. 

White Exhaust

You may also see bright white exhaust flowing out of the tailpipe. White exhaust is a sign that your engine has a coolant leak. A cracked head gasket can also cause it. This can not only cause white exhaust, but it can also cause white steam to escape out from underneath your hood. Please pull over as your car is most likely overheating.

Don't take chances on any unnatural occurrences with your exhaust smoke. Monkey Wrenches has always been the best, trusted auto repair shop in Brentwood, CA. Please give us a call or visit today.

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