What Is the 30/60/90 Rule?

As a vehicle owner, you should know that every car, SUV, truck, van, etc., need consistent care and attention to perform efficiently. You have a responsibility to follow your vehicle's maintenance schedule to ensure it can last you for as many miles as possible. Factory-recommended maintenance, also known as 30/60/90K service, helps prevent problems from occurring and keep your vehicle running smoothly, so you never have to experience breakdowns. Staying on top of this service also allows you better track your vehicle's maintenance history. 

Most vehicle manufacturers follow a 30/60/90K rule. These numbers have significance and refer to the number of miles between each major service. They should occur roughly around 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles. Though items like oil changes and oil filter replacements are regular services you should have done more frequently, they can still be a part of your factory scheduled maintenance.

What Does 30/60/90 Service Involve?

A professional technician will check all your car's essential systems at these important mile marks. They may carry out several of the following services:

  • Replacing spark plugs and/or plug wires
  • Topping off or flushing fluids (brake, coolant, transmission, etc.)
  • Replacing filters (engine air filter, cabin filter, fuel filter, etc.)
  • Tire rotation and tire pressure check
  • Oil change
  • Belts, hoses, and seals inspection
  • Replacing brake parts

30,000 Miles

At 30,000 miles, your car shouldn't require any major repairs. The mechanic may change your air and fuel filters to keep your engine compartment clean. In addition to the filter changes, they may change your oil and top off your fluids.

60,000 Miles 

At 60,000 miles, your battery, brakes and brake fluid, and transmission fluid may need more attention. Items like your belts, hoses, and spark plugs aren't a big concern quite yet, but the technicians at Monkey Wrenches will still take a look just in case. 

90,000 Miles 

Spark plugs, hoses, and timing belts should ideally be replaced at or around 90K miles, making this service more involved. How often you drive and how you drive can impact these areas. At this point in your car's life, several or more of its parts may be worn out and need replacing. 


If you have any questions regarding your 30/60/90K maintenance schedule, you can refer to your owner's manual or give us a call. We welcome you to bring your car to Monkey Wrenches in Brentwood, CA, for factory scheduled maintenance.

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