What Parts Make Up the Vehicle’s Cooling System?

Your car’s cooling system is responsible for keeping your engine cooled off, to prevent overheating. It works together to bring a flow of coolant fluid in and out of the engine. This liquid is a mixture of water and antifreeze, and it is absolutely necessary. Read on to learn more about how the complex system works:

  • Radiator - This part cools off the antifreeze solution by allowing air to pass through the tube to dissipate the heat from the motor.
  • Water Pump - The pump pulls the cooled antifreeze from the radiator and moves it to the engine block, cylinder head, heater core, and eventually back to the radiator.
  • Head Gasket - This seals up the critical parts of the engine. It prevents motor oil and coolant from mixing with each other.
  • Heater Core - It allows heat to reach the cabin when you need it. It utilizes the heat from the antifreeze blown in by the blower. 
  • Thermostat - This piece keeps track of the engine temperature. It is closed when the motor is cold to warm it up quicker. It opens when the normal operating temperature is met and allows coolant to pass through.
  • Hoses - They connect the components together. Over time, they can break down from wear and tear. They will require replacing.

The cooling system needs maintenance, which includes regular inspections of the components above. With checkups, we can help you catch problems early on before the damage can spread. Additionally, you may need a coolant flush or change from time to time. 


If you’re looking for dependable cooling system service and repairs, please give us a call or schedule an appointment online with Monkey Wrenches Inc today.

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