Why Does My Car A/C Feel Warm?

When it's hot outdoors, it's aggravating and uncomfortable for a car's air conditioner to emit warm air. You anticipate that the air will be chilly so that you can ride comfortably. If car A/C feel warm, it indicates that there is an issue with the air conditioner.

Here are six potential causes of an air conditioner blowing out warm air:

1. Low Refrigerant Charge

Your air conditioning system might be low on charge. A low charge in the A/C may be the cause of inadequate cooling, and recharging it is the only solution. This is the most common cause of car A/C malfunctions.

2. Electrical System Malfunction

Your car's air conditioner is electrically powered. Therefore, electrical system failure is another cause of your car's air conditioner blowing warm air. If any of the fuses, relays, or switches in its setup don't work right, the whole electrical system could stop working.

3. Damaged Compressor

The refrigerant is circulated throughout the system by the compressor. If this part isn't working right, antifreeze won't be able to get to the condenser to cool it. A broken compressor will undoubtedly cause your car to emit warm air, or maybe no air at all. A common problem with a compressor is a broken or loose serpentine belt and a broken compressor clutch.

4. Blocked or Faulty Condenser

The condenser in the car's AC unit re-cools compressed heated refrigerant using the airflow from the car's front while driving. If the condenser is faulty or obstructed by road debris, it won't be able to cool the refrigerant, and the car's system will run with heated refrigerant. This will force the AC to only emit warm air.

5. Faulty Cooling Fans

A pair of cooling fans is an essential component of your car's air conditioning system. Their function is to assist in the removal of heat from the refrigerant fluid. If one is broken or otherwise damaged, the refrigerant will not be effectively cooled, and your air conditioner will blow warm air.

6. Damage or Dirty Air Cabin Filters

Cabin air filters are available on several car models and brands. The car's air filter eventually becomes clogged with dust and debris, so periodic replacement is required. In addition to warm air coming out of your vents, some signs that your cabin air filter may be clogged are a musty smell or AC sounds that are too loud.

How Can We Help?

When it comes to properly fixing your car's air conditioner, you should have it professionally checked and diagnosed before wasting your money on solutions that may create more difficulties and damage than you can afford. If you need car A/C diagnostics performed, give Monkey Wrenches Inc. a call today!

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