Why You Vehicle’s A/C Smells Bad and How to Fix the Problem

The vehicle’s air conditioning system can make or break the entire driving experience. Unfortunately, car problems and misuse of the A/C system can cause smelly air to be emitted into the passenger cabin. If you’ve ever ridden in a car that smells musty, burnt, or even rotten-y, you need to pinpoint the problem ASAP. 

In most cases, mold is the most common culprit of foul-smelling A/C. Did you know that the A/C system doesn’t actually produce cold air? It actually uses hot, outside air and removes moisture and heat from it. Unfortunately, the excess moisture can sometimes get stuck in the A/C system, specifically in the drain tube, resulting in a musty smell.

This problem is common in older vehicles or vehicles that are constantly pumping air conditioning. In minor cases, you can resolve the problem by drying out the system. You can turn on the car’s fan with the A/C turned off and open up your vehicle windows. 

If the smell lingers after trying this method, have a professional check on the drain tube. At Monkey Wrenches, this is one of the first areas we look for. If we find mold, we can help you clear out the mold and excess moisture. If not, we will further assess other parts of the A/C system, including the air filter. 

Whatever the problem, we understand that A/C odors are a significant annoyance. Whether the problem resides in the A/C system or beyond, our professional team can pinpoint and resolve mechanical problems quickly. Some car smells can be more than an irritant. Burning smells, rotten egg smells, and gasoline smells can indicate larger problems.

If you need repairs concerning car smells, please call or visit the team at Monkey Wrenches soon. We look forward to hearing from you.

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