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Lexus Repair and Services

Have you been told that Lexus repair work has to be expensive? If you have then the team at Monkey Wrenches, Inc. wants to tell you that this information is not correct! We’re committed to providing high quality Lexus repair services to everyone in Brentwood. Our team of technicians are well versed in all things Lexus and can figure out any problem you have, from mysterious noises to obvious damage.

The Lexus repair team here at Monkey Wrenches, Inc. has seen nearly every kind of repair jobs you can think of. We’ve been trusted by many Lexus owners in the past, and have many who keep coming back to us year after year. Why do they keep coming back to us? We offer VIP service to everyone who comes to us. It’s not a Lexus thing, it’s a respect thing. Monkey Wrenches, Inc. knows that the people of Brentwood don’t want attitude or someone trying to pull the wool over their eyes. We run an honest shop that informs you of the repair work you need every step of the way. No surprise fixes. No surprise bills. That’s our commitment to every Lexus customer in Brentwood.

Our use of state of the art computer diagnostic equipment is the second most important tool in our shop. The most important? The technicians operating that equipment! Without our knowledgeable staff, their years of experience doing Lexus repair work and the dedication they bring into the shop every day, we’d be nothing but tools and parts. Book an appointment with our Brentwood shop today for high quality Lexus repair services.