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Nissan Repair and Services

Nissan’s are some of the most economical cars on the planet today.  offers affordable Nissan repair work knowing that their customers demand the high quality of a Nissan, with a price point that won’t break the bank. Every Nissan that comes into our Brentwood shop will get the same high quality repair work, and the same great price.

What sort of Nissan repair work can we do for you? Monkey Wrenches offers a wide range of services you everyone in Brentwood, they include:

- Brake repair and brake pad replacement

- Tire, wheel and wheel bearing repair

-Timing belt replacement

- Cooling system flush

- Transmission repair

- Muffler and exhaust replacement and repair

- Windshield replacement

If your Nissan is making a weird noise, not working as well as it use to, driving oddly or if you have a warning light that stays on, we can fix it! Our technicians have seen it all as these very popular cars are in our shop all the time for routine maintenance and care.

We can service every model of Nissan on the market, and even older models that have been discontinued. The popularity of these cars leads to easy location of replacement parts. Your Nissan repair job gets done quicker simply because we have the parts on hand or nearby here in Brentwood. Who wants to wait around for parts to be shipped in? Not you, and not our technicians either! Bringing your Nissan repair work to Monkey Wrenches, Inc. ensures that experienced hands will be doing the job, and doing it efficiently.