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I definitely recommend this place, all work done to my car has been great and reasonably priced. But the entire staff ...exceptional!
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Save Up To $100! Save up to $25 off of $150 charge or more, $50 off of $300 charge or more, or $100 off of $800 charge or more on any repair or service. Valid on recommended services. Not valid with any other offer or special. Coupon must be presented in advance. ... [more...]
License Frame Special! Bring your vehicle in with our Monkey Wrenches License Plate, and receive 10% off of labor. Valid only with 1st time customers. Not valid with any other offer or special. Coupon must be presented in advance. ... [more...]
Deluxe AC Special! Includes a procedure to record and measure the a/c cold air interior duct temperatures and system pressure readings before and after. Evacuate the system and record the amount of recovered refrigerant in the system. Recharge the a/c system with the specified amount of R134 refrigerant. Additional specified amount of refrigerant oil with a leak tracer dye added to the a/c system that helps to identify any potential system leaks. A visual inspection of the a/c system to include the condition of the a/c compressor drive belt, a/c condenser cooling fan. Remove and inspect the vehicle interior cabin air filter (if applicable). A MIST Service In-Car Air Quality procedure that introduces a chemical mist agent into the cabin of the vehicle that sanitizes and interior vents and interior surfaces of the vehicle ($82.00 value) that is included in this special. The $160.00 fee for this service will include up to 2.0 lbs. R134 refrigerant, the refrigerant oil and the labor involved. It does not include any additional a/c refrigerant if required due to system capacity and does not include the old/outdated R12 type refrigerant. Restrictions may apply on the cabin air filter inspection due to location and accessibilty of the vehicles cabin filter. It also does not include any diagnostic time for a faulty/ non operable a/c system. Valid only with 1st time customers. Not valid with any other offer or special. Coupon must be presented in advance. ... [more...]

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90K Service

Being able to fulfill the 90K service requirements for many of the most popular cars on the market is a point of pride for all of us at Monkey Wrenches, Inc. We proudly serve the Brentwood automotive market by offering 90K services on all models from: Dodge, Toyota, Honda, Chevy, Ford, BMW, Lexus, Jeep and Nissan. Those are the most common cars coming into our shop, but we can also handle many other manufacturers. Our highly certified technicians are well prepared to deal with your car.

Neglecting your 90K service is a poor decision in the life of your car. It is at this point that many of you car’s vital systems need to be inspected and replaced. Monkey Wrenches, Inc. takes pride in giving the accurate assessments during the 90K service work that we do in Brentwood. The inevitable wear and tear that happens over 90,000 miles will show on your car. It will show even worse if you neglect your 90K service.

Taking a look at the most common systems checked and replaced during a 90K service should give you an idea of how vital this service is:

- Timing belt inspection

- Hose and vacuum line replacement

- Draining and changing the oil, transmission and brake fluid

- Doing a complete brake inspection

- Flushing out the A/C system

- Rotating tires, aligning the steering system

These are all of the most important systems on your car. Monkey Wrenches, Inc. wants to keep you safe on the streets of Brentwood. Allowing us to give you an accurate assessment during a 90K service is how we can best serve you when your car's odometer rolls over 90,000.