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Oil Change

Do you remember when your last oil change was? The technicians at Monkey Wrenches, Inc. want to remind you that a regular oil change, every 3,000 miles, is the easiest way to protect your car. Oil is the lifeblood of your cars lubrication system and keeps many systems operating at peak efficiency. Without oil that is operating at it’s best, all of the time, your car is at risk. Bringing your car in to our Brentwood based shop is how you can avoid that risk.

When you come to Monkey Wrenches, Inc. for an oil change, you are leaving your car with experienced technicians who have very likely been under your car before and already know what it needs. They’ll be able to select the right viscosity grade of oil for your car and perform a quick oil change and filter service. That’s what you want in an oil change - quick service and the right oil for your car.

Remember, the longer you wait between oil changes the more contaminants that will get into your oil. Dirt, metal and other contaminants can start to ruin your car’s systems. These little problems can escalate quickly and cause serious damage. An oil change from the team at Monkey Wrenches, Inc. is all you need to keep driving on the streets of Brentwood for years to come. Call our friendly support staff today to schedule an appointment that works with your busy schedule.