6/24/2017 Jim Blink Good experience
6/22/2017 Antoine Harfouche The service I receive was exceptional, I received an honest diagnostic on my Jeep and advise from Ted.,,, I will use Monkey Wrenches establishment in the future if needed. Monkey Wrenches a well deserved 5 star rating!
Thank you Tony for the great and heartfelt review of our business and thank you for the opportunity to inspect and report on your vehicle. Looking forward to having you as a future client. - Monkey Wrenches Inc.
6/22/2017 Marlene Smith Very professional staff. Didn't take long to complete the service and not too costly.
Thank you so much Marlene for the review. Hope you have a happy and safe Fourth of July holiday. - Monkey Wrenches Inc.
6/20/2017 Tyler Zupo Great work, great service and fast turnaround time!
Thank you Tyler and you a very welcome. - Monkey Wrenches Inc.
6/8/2017 William Harms I found the entire staff to be extremely helpful. They were eager to make sure that I understood what the problems were with my car and followed up in a timely way to let me know what could be done.
Thank you Mr. Harms for the great review and the opportunity to repair your vehicle. - Monkey Wrenches Inc.
6/7/2017 Sherwin Gan Excellent customer service and very efficient in handling the issue of my car.
Thank you Mr. Gan for your kind and honest review. It's a pleasure to be able to serve you. - Monkey Wrenches Inc.
5/28/2017 Mike Pacheco Fair prices and dependable.
Thank you Mike. Have a great week ! - Monkey Wrenches Inc.
5/10/2017 Mike Pacheco Price was not that expensive.
Thank you Mike for the review. It's our job to keep the your Toyota safe and reliable for you and your family. - Monkey Wrenches Inc.
4/22/2017 Wayne Green Your guys were great Thank you
Thank you Wayne for the positive review. We think you're pretty great too. - Monkey Wrenches Inc.
4/14/2017 Robert Morris The service was excellent ! The people were courteous and the work was done promptly.I recommend them highly.
Thank you Robert for the great review. It was our pleasure to serve you. Glad to have and your family on board with us. - Monkey Wrenches Inc.
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